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How to enjoy Marcy

Marcy Green is sophisticated and intended for those who aren't afraid to enjoy life's pleasures.

The oils are low dose, and a small taste will likely not alter your perception. 

The effects will be compounded the more oil you add to your foods, and the more courses that you serve where Marcy plays a starring role.

Start with half the recommended dose and wait 20-30 minutes to see how you feel. Adjust your portion, accordingly.


Please do not indulge if you're planning on driving, operating heavy machinery or flying your plane.

 Marcy implores users to be responsible, even when they don't feel like it.

Oh, and don't forget to drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol; it causes wrinkles anyway. 

Culinary Applications

Marcy's THC Infused Culinary Finishing Oils are designed to add buzzy flavor and fun to any of your favorite dishes. 


These oils are meant to finish your dishes. A final pop of seasoning to layer a unique and beautiful burst of flavor.

Drizzle, dip and slather these savory oils over anything.

Dip your Grilled Bread in it. Yum!

Marinate Manchego. Si!

Drizzle it on Deviled Eggs. Oh my!

Garnish your Soup, Salad or Pizza. Wow!

Slather it over an Omelette. Oui!

Dump the bottle on movie theatre Popcorn GTFO!

Be creative. There are no rules. 

Reward yourself with Marcy Green.

Relish the craving.


Recommended Dosage

2 oz bottles contain four-5 mg servings of Delta 9 THC. (Marcy recommends 1/4 bottle per person for a full dose, and up to 1/8 bottle for a microdose.)

Each 2 oz bottle can provide up to eight servings when enjoying multiple courses of food where Marcy Green play's a starring role, and you only desire a teensy-tiny micro-dose with each course.

Marcy'sMénage à Trois:

1 oz bottles contain two-5mg servings of Delta 9 THC.

(See above and divide by half, silly.)

Example: 1/4 bottle of Mistress Of Gaia drizzled over your salad, soup or omelette for a buzzy lift of flavor.


One-2 oz bottle of Samaan Elektra slathered on your bowl of popcorn for an indulgent movie night with friends.


Sophisticated low dose THC finishing oils

A heightened culinary experience

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