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Enlightened Entertaining

Support small businesses! Host a Marcy Green Tasting Party!
Think Tupperware party, but fun. Our chef will come to your home with delectable samples for your guests to enjoy. You will get a crash course on Marcy Green, along with recipes and menu planning ideas. Your group will get additional discounts on purchases during your event, and will get the opportunity to purchase seasonal oils.

Book Marcy for your next gathering. Our chef will provide light samples, noshes and treats  with our signature flavors. Super fun for birthdays, anniversary celebrations, bridal showers and buzzy book club.

Think outside the box.  

Five-Course Chef Prepared Experiences. / Limited Availability
Host an elegant Marcy Green dinner in your home, villa, chateau. or vessel. 

 Dishes created to highlight Marcy’s signature flavors+seasonal specialty blends, dessert pairings and cannabis specialty cocktails.

Have some buzzy, delicious fun with your friends.
Plant based menus are encouraged but not required.

(Marcy does like to serve local, sustainable fish and poultry when so inclined.)


Created by hand in small batches with 100% organic Avocado Oil and infused with the Marcy's magical low dose THC enhancements. 


La Mano De Oro

Marcy’s entrancing lover from Barcelona. The one with the hand of gold.

Flavor Profile: Smoked Paprika, Roasted Garlic and Oregano. Pairs seamlessly with Manchego, Marcona Almonds and Maracas. Que Magnifico!!

Available in 2 oz Sizes 


Samaan Elektra 

That drag performer from Mumbai. Pure fire.She's inviting your tastebuds to dance until dawn.

Flavor Profile: Samaan Pepper, Spice, Curry, and Desire. Best slathered on popcorn and vichyssoise.

Available in 2 oz Sizes 


Mistress of Gaia

Marcy’s ethereal affair with the Goddess

Celebrating the earth and the dawn of creation. Our very own garden of earthly delights. Marries well with Bruscetta, Frittata and Boreal Forests.

Flavor Profile: Super Green Antioxidants, Nettle, Herbs and Love.

Available in 2 oz Sizes 


Marcy’s Ménage à Trois

Her three signature flavors. All together. 

Experience a world of divine tastes inspired by Marcy's travels. 


Marcy's Trio is the complete set of our iconic flavors that are guaranteed to take you on an enchanted culinary adventure.

Available in 2 oz Sizes  


Sophisticated low dose THC finishing oils

A heightened culinary experience

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