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The Full Story

Everything you have ever wanted to know about Marcy Green but were afraid to sk.



Founder, Visionary, Resident Chef and Marcy’s BFF is Dawn Drouillard, clean eating advocate, teacher and mentor with a passion for sugar free, healthy, alternative cuisine. The wealth of food experience in her background is immense, having created Fabulous Catering, the legendary, boutique catering company that set the standard for creative culinary events in the Twin Cities Metro for over 22 years. She is Marcy's mad "Elixer Mixer" in the kitchen, and a damn fine dancer, when provoked. 

Dawn, a Direct Descendant of the Grand Portage Band of Ojibwe, and has also been fueling her passions in the Food Sovereignty Movement. In partnership with Dana Thompson, co-creator of the James Beard award wining Cookbook and Owamni Restaurant, these women have developed "The Modern Indigenous" brand, which is pushing the boundaries of Modern Pre-Colonial foods with an emphasis on health and wellness.

In her free time, Drouillard, AKA Dawn Sauvignon, is the leader of the Astro Rock Band, TWYG PARTY.  She is also a Divemaster, mother of Francis Trout, animal rescue Enthusiast and passionate world traveler. 


Marcy Green is Mary Jane's Cousin. Originally from outside of Escanaba, Michigan, Marcy spent her formative years living amongst the northern pines before unfortunate circumstances, allegedly involving a deranged train baron, led to her fleeing the Northwoods to travel the globe in search of a new life. These adventures fueled the fire of inspiration for Marcy Green, leading to the creation of her curated line of THC Infused Culinary Oil Blends. These flavors commemorate Marcy’s intoxicating escapades, soirées and affairs. 

And she hasn't stopped traveling.

Where will she turn up next?​

In Trinidad or Tanzania? The Andean Coast? Or Quintana Roo?  Whom does she encounter? What seductions ensue? Which flavors entice her?

Only time will tell.

Romanticize your palette as you are swept away on your culinary journey with Marcy Green and her cast of intoxicating characters.


Sophisticated low dose THC finishing oils

A heightened culinary experience

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